Elect Karen Dutkowski


It is an honor to represent you on the City Council since December 2020.

I respectfully ask for your vote to elect me to a four-year term because I have the skills and background to do this job effectively. I have no conflicts of interest and am objective in my decision-making. I am analytical in my approach and I do the research necessary to make an informed decision.

Over my 32-year career, I have worked in public health and safety for government agencies and non-profit health care organizations. My expertise includes budget development and analysis, research studies, facilitation of process improvement standards, supervision of employees and projects, and information technology. I have a deep understanding of the needs of our first responders and health care professionals, and these skills translate into other areas of our city government.

  • I serve as your representative on the Southern Nevada Health District. I have assisted with COVID-related issues and other health matters in our community. I am identifying additional services which will meet the needs of our community.
  • I collaborate with Police Chief Chesley and city managers to increase the functionality of existing public safety software, especially in staffing metrics so the police administration is able to collect more detailed staffing reports, improve analysis, and deploy most effectively.
  • I collaborate with Fire Chief Andrus and city managers to address increases in the frequency of medical calls and transports.  We worked together to add EMT and paramedic positions to bring logistical, economical, and continuity of care to a superior level.
  • I publish newsletters to inform our residents of active projects, upcoming events, and how processes work in the city, along with information from the Southern Nevada Health District.
  • I engage in our economic development and provide input based on community needs and how it will affect living in Mesquite.
  • I have been active in the community by attending events, supporting non-profit organizations, and talking with constituents to understand their concerns and explore new ideas.

It takes everyone working together to develop a thriving community. The issues that are critical to our city include:

  • Providing resources for first responder police and fire.
  • Diversifying economy and supporting small businesses.
  • Expanding health care services and specialties.
  • Ensuring water sustainability and protecting natural resources.
  • Balancing infrastructure as our population grows.
  • Building affordable and workforce housing.
  • Encouraging educational opportunities.
  • Attracting qualified workers.
  • Promoting tourism.
  • Being fiscally responsible.

My husband, Greg, and I have resided in Mesquite since 2012. Our adult children live in the Mesquite and Las Vegas areas. Greg and I are active in local non-profit organizations, primarily community theater and animal rescue. We love to travel, camp, and hike. We enjoy the beautiful environment and the wonderful city we call home.


Allan Litman, Mayor, City of Mesquite

“It is both a pleasure and an honor to endorse Karen Dutkowski for a four-year term on the Mesquite City Council.  In her first year on council, Karen has demonstrated her outstanding skills and professionalism in everything she does.”

Sandra Ramaker, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Mesquite

“I highly endorse Karen Dutkowski for Mesquite City Council! She does her due diligence and is well prepared for our meetings! She cares about you and our city!

Wes Boger, Council Member, City of Mesquite

“Karen Dutkowski was nominated to fill a City Council vacancy by Mayor Litman after his landslide victory in the 2020 election.  I supported this appointment then, as I do now.  Councilwoman Dutkowski has shown she is hard-working and dedicated to the community we love.  She researches and analyzes each agenda item, and makes an educated decision when casting her vote.  Most importantly, she understands how important public safety, education, housing, and fiscal responsibility are to the citizens of Mesquite.  I am proud to support Councilwoman Dutkowski for Mesquite City Council!”

George Gault, Council Member, City of Mesquite

“It is my pleasure to endorse Karen for a full term on the Mesquite City Council. She has used her extensive administrative background very effectively to provide information from the Southern Nevada Health District for all Mesquite residents. She is thoughtful and reasoned, and has no agenda other than working to solve problems that will keep Mesquite on a path for solid growth.”

Elect Karen Dutkowski - Mesquite NV City Council

Elect Karen Dutkowski - Mesquite NV City Council


My name is Karen Dutkowski and it is an honor to represent you on the Mesquite City Council since De

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I want to thank everyone who voted for me in the primary. I will be in the general election as I was the top vote getter. I couldn't do it without the many who showed their support. Stay tuned -- I have a lot more campaigning in me and I look forward to talking to each and everyone of you. Again, thanks. ... See MoreSee Less
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